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Conch 008 | Arev Konn - Nospelt

CD (250 copies)

Release date:

1. Saffron Calls
2. The Fourth Peninsula
3. A History In The Pine
4. Nospelt
5. Five Towns Press
6. False Starts

Release info:
Written and recorded by Antony Harrison
Field recordings on Nospelt by Pit Weber
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Artwork by Christian Roth
Images by Antony Harrison

Release description:
Through six tracks of murk, atmosphere and noise, we welcome Arev Konn to the Humming Conch fold with an album called 'Nospelt'. Arev Konn is a new experiment by Antony Harrison from London, UK, who many will recognise from his more established work as Konntinent. With previous material released through Home Normal, Sonic Pieces, Sweat Lodge Guru, Debacle, Serein and Phantom Channel, Antony's Konntinent project is well up and running; characterised by a melodic tone driven out of treated guitar and synth recordings.

His work as a sound artist has seen him share live stage with Machinefabriek, Simon Scott, Jasper TX, Ian Hawgood, Danny Norbury, Mira Calix, Boduf Songs, Library Tapes and Talvihorros, in venues such as London's Cafe Oto and Union Chapel.

With narratives that are far less immediate than a typical Konntinent record, 'Nospelt' delves through a carefully arranged bath of noise & tone. Guitars, analogue synths and hand-held recorder sounds are all treated through a magnetic tape process utilising both a 1980s cassette machine and then re-recorded via 1960s reel to reel.

Whilst Antony conceived 'Nospelt' as a self indulgent project in which he could 'noise out', this record digs deeper than being something purely non-conceptual. Piano, violin, street samples and chimes delicately detail the bed of noise and tone, adding structure as a counter balance. The whole record was made during the big freeze of January 2010 and includes found sounds by former Konntinent band member Pit Weber. The sound and visuals in 'Nospelt' have travelled well through the sub zero woods in rural Luxembourg, Berlin, London, Kyoto and Nospelt village itself.

Release description written by Harry Towell