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Conch 002 | Christian Vasseur – Poèmes saturniens

CD (400 copies)

Release date:

1. Fragments
2. Il y a...
3. E.A.P.
4. Echappée belle
5. Questions d'un somnambule
6. Epanchement du songe
7. Il y a...
8. Le rire de Démocrite
9. Soleil noir
10. Il y a quelque chose qui m'échappe

Release info:
Christian Vasseur: guitars etc. and voice

flamenca guitar by Antonio Sanchis, ten nylon strings guitar by Dominique Field, eleven nylon strings alt guitar by Philip Woodfield, Simon and Patrick parlor steel strings guitar, anonymous indian zither

Recorded, mixed on September 2003 and mastered on March 2009 by Benjamin Mraz at Studio Ka, Fâches-Thumesnil.
Photographs by Dennis Bettels ['Belfast' / 2007]

Release description:
The focus on "Poèmes saturniens" is melancholia without any doubt and from the first tune. Christian Vasseur created 10 highly emotional, warm and beautiful pieces of classical-orientated guitar music. Not as separated songs, more like a journey or dance.

Melody fragments come and go like moods or thoughts, some return like memories or reminders, some fade away and are gone forever. Most of the time, "Poèmes saturniens" is a very reserved and fragile work. But in some situations it gets loud, explosive, improvised and noisy. Just like a unexpected mood swing.

For me, the earlier mention of dance is a good image to get this wondeful piece of music. It is very fragile and balanced on the one hand, but also highly dynamic and expressive.