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Conch 001 | Celer - Capri

CD (400 copies)

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1. Mouthfeels of Capreae
2. Polaroid Family Portrait
3. Unequal Temperament
4. Ascensionaires
5. A Pause
6. An Erne Of A Sigh
7. With Ice, Anent The Steam
8. We Missed You Favonian
9. Listen To The Inverted Sounds, Falling
10. Op.0
11. Is Lands
12. Bracelets Passed to Spanish Hands
13. Paired Plateaus
14. When Ice Makes You Weep
15. Transposing Piano
16. In Characteristic Form
17. Transcribe This Past
18. Still Running
19. In A Past Of Haze, These Beaches
20. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
21. Sonata for Dual, Unaccompanied Piano
22. Craven Gardens
23. Lint White
24. Others World
25. Symtolomny
26. Anacapri
27. Lists of Sycophants and Wishing
28. Rich Telescopes
29. A Sorted Ending

Release info:
Dani Baquet-Long: Field Recordings, Strings, Horns, Words, Processing, Acoustic Guitar
Will Long: Piano, Mixing Board, Organetto, Piano Strings, Processing
Recorded in Capri, Italy

Release description:
"Capri" by Celer is a beautiful 78-minute work, containing 29 tracks full of piano, strings, horns, acoustic guitar, field recordings and the warm breeze of the Mediterranean sea.

All the material for this record was created on Capri, an Italian island on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, during a short summer residency, giving the tracks a very mild and summery feeling. Listening recalls walking near the harbor waves, the salty wind sweeping up the streets, the decayed dwellings set against pristine resorts, and the deep colors of the Blue Grotto.

Field recording material is hidden, but in the foreground, just shaded and processed into a breeze. But the warm droning and compact sound carries the spirit of summer-night on a island very, very well. Recorded in a single room with a piano and a few borrowed instruments, and processed either outside a cafe or half-sleeping during the stay, the resulting tracks are only quiet reflections of short experiences.

Like all Celer-releases you can hear these slowly evolving melodies, first hidden through a slight haze, but getting sharper and clear by-and-by. Some of the shorter tracks are just sketches or fragments, found in the streets blowing by, carried through the air to your ear. The sounds mirror the merest moments, where every tone fits, is left to uncurl, each detail is well considered, and is set with a very high sensibility, haunting the hills and harbor outside the quiet, sleeping Capri.